Training Emergency Dummy


The RESQ Training Emergency Dummy is a versatile training aid to suit many situations and senarios. TED features a built in harness with attachment points front and rear so he can be used to simulate heights rescue situations. All limbs are detachable to allow for a more realistic movement range and provide the opportunity to set up severed limb senarios. This feature also makes it easy to replace parts. Constructed from strong PVC fabric and strengthened with webbing straps sewn into the structure to provide joint movement.

TED has a properly formed head and neck not just a limp soft head. This means that you can practice head tilt, and Cervical collar application. The head comes with a handy protective sock that pulls over the head to protect the face from getting dirty when not in use.

TED wears work boots! This means that if you practice dummy drags you will not wear a hole in his heels. Just simply replace the boots as they wear.

Currently TED is only available in one size but we are planning to get a BIG TED and a TINY TED.

Contact RESQ Training for a price, you will be very surprised to learn that TED is cheaper than the competitors that dont have the same unique design features.


Just Fill TED with the filling of your choice according to weight you want to work with.

HEAVY - Fill with Gravel

MEDIUM - Fill with sand.

LIGHT - Fill with sawdust

SUPER LIGHT- Fill with styrene foam beads. (for floating dummy)


TED comes complete with PPE, Boots, Built in harness & Face sock.

Optional Extra - TED Wrap. A handy cover to wrap the dummy for storage and transport) see guidance notes


Download product user instruction manual in PDF format

Download guidance notes in PDF format


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