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RESCUE Gear & Equipment at Unbeatable prices!

We provide rescue gear for rescue professionals at unbeatable prices. NO GST APPLIED TO OUR PRODUCTS!!

Because there is no GST applied on any of our products (for Australian customers) you recieve an extra 10% saving on top of the huge discount price of the item

Why the site was developed is the online shop for all your rescue gear requirements.Developed by rescue professionals for rescue professionals. This site has been developed to fill a gap in the commercial market within the rescue industry. The site has been provided for professional rescue and emergency operators to obtain all their rope rescue and emergency equipment at just one place. New items will be featured on the site regularly, so if you cant find what your looking for drop back again it may have been added. My name is Allan Fairbrother and I am the principal of RESQ Training International. I have over 30 years of operational rescue experience within a wide range of industries including Civil, mining, construction, offshore oil/gas and military special operations. Over this time I have traveled the world teaching emergency response personnel the latest rescue techniques available. In order to deliver this training I searched all corners of the globe in search of the very best equipment available. I discovered that whilst one supply company may have one or two excellent items the rest wasn't worth buying. So I had to go to several different suppliers to get all the kit I needed to operate at the highest level.

Now for you, the task is easy. The gear featured on this site is not everything available in the international rescue world. It is not the worlds cheapest equipment either. However it is the very best of what is out there at the current time. I have sourced and collected the best value rescue equipment from many different wholesalers and put them all in one convenient location to provide an online rescue shop. Some items are available from other suppliers but you cant get all the items from any other supplier. Other items have been especially developed for the needs of the professional rescue operators because there was nothing else available. RESQ Training International is proud to showcase their exclusive range of high quality rescue equipment.


If you know of an item of equipment that you feel should be added to the complete online rescue shop site please send us your suggestions. If possible we can include it on the site.

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