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    The RBD (Rescue Belay Device) has many multi functional features built in to it. It has been specifically designed for the professional rope rescue operator that wants a safe, easy and reliable device capable of handling all heavy rescue situations in one simple to operate item of equipment.

    RBD has been designed, developed, tested, manufactered, distributed and patented by RESQ Training International.

    Main functions are:


    It can also be used as a belay device on the main rescue line. In this application a haulage system of your choice can be attached to the rescue line to raise the load.

    "INLINE SYSTEM - The RBD effectively acts as a uni-directional pulley with an automatic brake in this mode, 3:1 and 5:1 MA systems are fast to set up.

    "BOLT ON" SYSTEM - Alternatively, a “bolt-on ” haulage system can easily be rigged which allows the RBD to act as an intergrated belay / lowering device. The device has two attachment points to allow for rigging of a "bolt-on" haulage system in either left or right hand hauling configuration.

    It can also be used as a back up belay device for raising rope rescue loads. As the load is raised, pull the slack rope through the device to minimise the drop in case something fails in the main rescue line. The load will then be arrested on the belay line (back up line). The RBD can be set up in tandem so that there is a mirror image system on both the main and backup line


    The RBD is designed to catch a falling load. In the event of system failure the device will automatically grab the rope and slow down the fall until it comes to rest. The shock load limiter is designed to allow the rope to slip a little to prevent excessive shock loads to the system.


    The device is a variable friction smooth action lowering device with an integrated auto-stop capability for rescue systems.

    4. RIGGING PLATE (RBD PRO** version only)

    There is no need to attach this device to a seperate anchor plate if the need arises to use multiple anchor points. The RBD is integrated with 5 beckets which allows up to five different anchor points for rigging several anchors simultaneously. To simplify rigging angles the rigging plate features a template showing the correct maximum and preferred rigging angles of 120 and 90 degrees, respectively.


    When a "bolt-on" haulage system is being reset it is important to lock off the device so that the chance of slippage is eliminated. The device has a built in positive brake (second brake) in the form of a rope cleat. This makes it very easy to rapidly convert from raise to lower or manage the resetting of "bolt-on" haul systems by a single operator during raising operations.



    Able to be used with all rescue lines worldwide from 11 - 13 mm diameter without modification or change to the device. Therefore it is suitable for most rescue teams worldwide.


    Constructed of the strongest aircraft grade aluminium available and engineered stainless steel compontents. The RBD is built to withstand a heavy workload and rugged treatment. The simple design will always ensure correct functioning in the harshest of environments. The anodised treatment of the alloy components will prevent corrosion.


    • Conforms to Australian and New Zealand standard AN/NZS 4488-1 "Industrial Rope Access Systems"


    • Conforms to the BCCTR* Rescue Belay Competency Criteria.

    *British Columbia Council for Technical Rescue.

    The BCCTR belay competency drop test specifies a 1 meter drop onto 3 meters of rescue rope and only allowing a maximum of 1 meter of additional slippage without exceeding 15kN of peak force.

    For European and Australasian use 11mm kernmatle static line is used with a 200kg load.

    For use in the Americas generally a 12.7mm kernmantle rope is used with a 280kg load in order to conform to NFPA requirements.


    RBD PRO User instructions RBD COMPACT User instructions

      ** The RBD also comes in a smaller light weight version called RBD - "COMPACT".

      The compact version has all the same basic functions without the built in rigging plate so there is only one becket, and there is only one hole for attaching a bolt-on haul system. It is only suitable for single anchor points unless you attach an addtional rigging plate. The main advantage of the compact version is the weight saving. The disadvantage is that it is less versatile than its big brother, the "PRO" version.



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